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Clairevale Pippin


Pippin lives with our daughter’s family, and her own gorgeous mama Rosie. Pippin has grown up around three young children, so is well and truly used to family life. She is a pretty and energetic large miniature with a curly gold fleece coat. Pippin just loves people and to snuggle up beside you.  In 2022 we welcomed Pip’s first puppies.

Date of Birth: 11/08/2020

Breed: Australian Labradoodle – ALF2

Sire: Burrinjuck Flanders

Dam: Clairevale Ring O'Roses

Colour – Gold Bbee KK

Coat – Curly fleece/wool

Size – Large Miniature (11kg)

Health Test Results: 

PennHIP - Right: 0.37, Left: 0.34

AVA Lavelle - Hips 3+3=6  Elbows 0+0

DNA:  PRCD carrier

PIC CV Pippin.jpg
Clairevale Pippin.jpg
Pippin and newborn puppies.jpg

Clairevale Alexis aka Lexi


Lexi is a darling girl, and very intuitive to her guardian family’s needs. She has a beautiful nature, is medium sized and dressed in a luscious caramel abstract fleece coat. Great hip scores! We look forward to Lexi’s first litter of puppies later in 2022!

Date of Birth: 13/08/2020

Breed: Australian Labradoodle - AL

Sire: Alpen Ridge Rogan

Dam: Clairevale Evensong

Colour - Caramel abstract Bbee, KK

Coat - Fleece

Size - Medium

Health Test Results: 

PennHIP - Right .28 Left .25

AVA Lavelle - Hips 3+3=6    Elbows 0+0

DNA:  Clear testing by Orivet

CV Alexis 8 weeks.jpg
CV Alexis PIC.jpg


Willow Lane Lady Koko aka Indi

Introducing gorgeous WL Lady Koko. Indi has passed all her health testing and we look forward to her first litter of puppies in 2023. Indi is a medium fleece coated girl with a fascinating streaky chocolate abstract coat with lighter highlights. She has the most divine gentle temperament and loves people and other dogs alike. Just a beautiful easy-going girl! She comes to us from our good friends at Willow Lane Labradoodles.

Breeding Status: Active

DOB: 17/09/2021

Sire: Clairevale Top Deck

Dam: Willow Lane Leading Lady

Colour: Chocolate abstract

Grade: ALF3

Size: Medium.

Weight: 13.8 kg

Coat: Fleece

ALA Reg No: 0156-009-01

DNA Profile: Clear, by Orivet bbEe, KK,  carries for parti

Pennhip: R .43, L .48

AVA: , 2+4=6,

Elbows: Normal 0+0

Photo 6 weeks.jpg

Clairevale Sweet Violet


Violet lives on a farm with beautiful mama Florence, and her wonderful guardian family including several dogs, a groomer and a dog trainer – what a lucky girl! She is a stunning large mini sporting an eye-catching chocolate parti fleece coat, and carries for yellow, black, parti and phantom. Violet has a very sweet temperament, and outstanding hip scores, placing her in the tightest 5% of hip scores for Australian labradoodles. We hope to see some parti puppies later in 2022!

Date of Birth: 01/11/2020

Breed: Australian Labradoodle - AL

Sire: Rocky Creek Brass n Bronze

Sam: Clairevale Charlotte's Web

Colour - Chocolate parti bbEe KB/ky or kbr, at/at

Coat - Fleece

Size - Large mini

Health Test Results: 

PennHIP - Right 0.25 Left: 0.23

AVA Lavelle - Hips 1+3=4  Elbows 0+0

DNA:  Clear testing by Orivet

Violet 7 months
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