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Name: Clairevale Picasso aka Banjo (proven sire, carries for parti and phantom)

Banjo is a chunky fellow with a soft fleece coat. He has a relaxed and playful nature, combined with good looks. He lives in a guardian home, and is very gentle with his human siblings.  Banjo has sired several litters.

Date of Birth: 28th December 2018

Grading: Australian Labradoodles ALF2

Sire: Eungai Archer

Dam: Clairevale Ring O'Roses

Coat: Fleece

Colour Caramel abstract bbee, ky/ky at/at

Size: Miniature 38cm, 11kg

ALA Registration number: 0159-004-05

Health Tests: Hips 4+5=9, Elbows: 0+0

PennHip: Right DI = 0.42, Left DI =0.44

DNA:  Clear by Orivet

Banjo 8 months (2).jpg
Clairevale Picasso (3).JPG

Name: Willow Lane President's Prodigy aka Eddie (proven sire)

Eddie is a big solid café boy, who combines striking looks with a lovely temperament. He has sired several litters of beautiful puppies. Eddie lives with his guardian family in Melbourne, who love him to bits. He comes to us from Willow Lane Labradoodles, and we are grateful to Suz for sharing him with Clairevale.


Date of Birth:  30/12/2019

Breed/Grade: Australian Labradoodle ALF3

Sire: Rusty’s Zorro

Dam: Willow lane Leading Lady

ALA Registration Number: 0156-007-02

Coat: Fleece

Colour: Café bbEE, KK

Size: Medium 17.5 kg, 51cm at shoulder

Health Test Results

PennHIP: R 0.32, L 0.29

AVA Lavelle:  Hips 1=2+3, Elbows: 0+0

DNA Orivet:  Clear

PIC WL President's Prodigy.jpg
WL President's Prodigy 8 weeks.jpg

Name: Clairevale Leonardo aka Leo


Leo is just gorgeous, and we are very excited to add him to our Clairevale stud stable. He has a luscious caramel parti fleece coat and carries for phantom. His temperament is happy, playful and confident, and he combines the best qualities of his beautiful parents Rhonda (CV Goldilocks) and Banjo (CV Picasso). Leo is a fun boy who loves people, and he is adored by his guardian family. Proven sire.

Date of Birth:  28/02/2021

Grade: Australian Labradoodle ALF3

Sire: Clairevale Picasso

Dam: Clairevale Goldilocks

ALA Registration Number: 0159-014-02

Colour: Caramel parti, Bbee, ky ky/at a

Coat: Fleece

Size: Small medium 13.3kg, 42cm at shoulder

Health Test Results

PennHIP: R 0.36, L 0.38.

AVA Lavelle:  Hips 4+3=7, Elbows: 0+0

DNA Orivet:  Clear

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